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Dear Traffic Enthusiast,

You'd be forgiven for feeling like SEO takes longer to get results than it used to, or that the competition for front page rankings is fast becoming unbearable.

Add to that the bigger problem of Google having all but 'figured out' how SEOs are plying their trade – and is now shutting those loopholes down one by one.

In fact, the technology you'll be introduced to on this page (“LinkClaw”) was actually developed because one particular 8-Year SEO Veteran SEO became sick of playing games with Google and the hit-or-miss nature of link building campaigns.

He grew tired of investing so much time and money into these campaigns, only to find them not to be effective... that's a feeling you can appreciate, isn't it?

The Technology Was Developed To:

  • A) Monitor all your backlinks automatically, so you can spot at a glance your link profile and growth (or decline) over time.
  • B) Create an Automatic RSS Feed that carefully drip-feeds links into engaging and growing 'Traffic Reward Channels', which incentivizes more quality sites to link to you, while also boosting your rankings across several SEO indicators as a refreshing side effect.

Indeed, there are still a number of 'tricks' that bring some results, however the smart money says it's only a matter of time before they fail too...

When that time comes, there will be no choice but to 'play by the rules' and battle it out against competitors with potentially far greater resources to dominate the front page.

So what's the answer for a site owner looking for highly-targeted free traffic?

This page should shed some light on that...


(a.k.a. Confessions Of A Recovering SEO)

“Search Engine Optimization Is No Longer Enough Times Have Changed...”

Pure SEO Is Giving Way To Broader Marketing Strategies:

  • Content Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Organic Search Marketing
  • Media Marketing
  • “Earned” Marketing

The strongest social evidence probably came about when one of the web's Primary SEO Influencers “SEOMoz” changed it's name simply to “Moz”...

SEOMoz Becomes “Moz”...
Because SEO Is Still Important – But No Longer Enough...


"Focus On WhiteHat 'SEO' Methods If You Want Sustained High-Quality Traffic..."

Chris Munch, the “8-Year Traffic Veteran” and creator of “LinkClaw” foresaw that building up a multi-million visitor blog network would require a major focus on long-term WhiteHat methods, which didn't hold the risk of one day being blacklisted by the search engines.

Ethics aside, the trouble with BlackHat Methods is that while occasionally effective, it's often only for a very short time... which is highly risky.

For most, a business that lasts and brings in healthy profits for years is more attractive.

BlackHat cannot provide this.

WhiteHat is the better way to fly for compounding results.


"Focus On Automation And Systematization If You Want To Work Less And Get Faster Results..."

Would it surprise you to hear that Chris' multi-million reader blog network is now run hands-free, so it still generates a consistent profit, just without the hours of work most folks believe it must take?

This was made only possible with an extensive focus on automation and systematization... Efficiency and the right tools to get the job done.

That's a good thing, since Chris is now focused on building his little software company, which was born out of the tools he uses in his own marketing and site management.

His software took off and became so popular he hasn't done anything with his blogs in well over a year...

… Yet Just Look At The Traffic:

HINT: LinkClaw Is One Of These Automation Tools...


"Focus On Being Part Of “The Conversation'” If You Want Long-Term Success, Raving Fans And Bigger Profits..."

Today the web is more connected than ever, and continuing in that direction at light speed.

Google doesn't just want 'the best, most relevant content'... it wants community and connection. It wants to inspire conversation and bring people together.

It's no coincidence that's what the people want too...

Become a part of the conversation and let your users immediately tap into 'what's going on' in the niche and you become the center of attention.

And in this game Attention = Profit.

This goes beyond social media and backlinking...

This is where Automated Traffic Reward Channels come in...



And this is what's so elegant about this entire approach...

You won't have to work harder to enjoy results in this 'Post-SEO' era.

If you follow the advice on this page, you'll actually be working LESS for better results...

By focusing on the three traffic life-lessons above:

1. WhiteHat Methods – The LinkClaw Philosophy

2. Automation – The LinkClaw Technology

3. Conversation – Traffic Reward Channels

You have a complete traffic solution, without playing games with Google...

Because ironically, when you forget about Google and simply focus on traffic and providing value... all of a sudden, just like a hot woman... Google perks up and starts paying you attention because you've got something else going on!

By focusing on traffic and providing value, you'll be getting quality, authority backlinks and authority sites and influencers in your niche wanting to link to you even more!

LinkClaw Technical Overview by Our Friend, Mike Thomas:


Here's How Your Automated Traffic Reward Channel Is Going To Work:

#1 – Your Traffic Reward Channel provides value to your Audience, creating a source of traffic as you post New Content on autopilot...
#2 – Your Channel shows your Audience where the conversations about your content in your niche are happening across the web, allowing them to follow it and keep up to date.

NOTE: This is done by simply posting the quality articles from sites linking to you which is done on auto-pilot by the “LinkClaw RSS Feed”

#3 – As Your Channel becomes an Authority Source of news, engagement and information your Brand Awareness is increased, helping you rank higher...
#4 – Sites linking to you get a boost of authority as they're showcased on Your Channel, helping them rank higher and sending more traffic and 'link juice' back to your site...!
#5 – The extra traffic, brand awareness and link juice all result in higher rankings for your site, bringing in more highly targeted traffic directly from Google...
#6 – This gives Your Site even more Authority, which incentivizes other Authority Sites to link to you more often since they are ultimately Rewarded With More Traffic Too!

… Now Can You See Why This Automated WhiteHat Method Is So Truly Powerful?

Because LinkClaw focuses on building an audience and adding value, the SEO benefits just fall into place... And the best thing of all is the ongoing work is automated by LinkClaw!”


Here's How LinkClaw Plays Its Part:

1. You upload your backlink lists into LinkClaw OR or let LinkClaw discover your backlinks for you, using its one-click link-discovery tool. LinkClaw tells you if your links are valid, and checks to see if they are FOLLOW or NOFOLLOW links...
2. Your valid backlinks are automatically converted by LinkClaw's Proprietary RSS Technology, which allows for syndication anywhere on the internet...
3. LinkClaw carefully drips your backlinks into your Traffic Reward Channel via the unique RSS feed and shuttles them to dozens of social sites across the web...
4. Your backlinks are shared on these high traffic, high authority sites and gain more exposure, bring in more traffic and help you rank higher!

If any of this sounds a little complex (as it sometimes can do...) don't worry!

The theory isn't so important and the end result is simple, and really what counts....

More Traffic, Higher Rankings, And More Profit – On Autopilot!

Suffice to say, you 'could' do all of this manually... but you can probably already guess the downside...

a) It would take a long, long time to see profitable results...

b) It would also be a very risky and expensive method to hire out to others...

Without a doubt - This is a technology-focused method.

Which is great news for you, because that means less cost, faster results and more peace of mind!

All that's left is picking the right tool (and the only tool!) for the job.


LinkClaw is a complete, automated WhiteHat Software Service that removes the risk and "grunt work" of site ranking, which reduces most backlinking, traffic and SEO methods to only being truly effective 1-5% of the time.

LinkClaw was first created in late-2012 and has proven effective with over 2,000 current users and numerous glowing reviews from Professional SEOs and 7-Figure Web Entrepreneurs, as well as bringing in countless client success stories...

Including Major SEO Authority Alex Cass of SourceWave.com:

Backlinks need to be indexed (and managed) in order to count towards your rankings.

Having a backlink indexed means that it's gone into the Google directory of links, which is a BIG decision-making factor in determining where your site will show up when someone punches in the keyword you're after.

The Sad Truth

No matter how many backlinks we buy/build/get done for us, only a very small percentage of them will be counted by Google. Why? Because these backlinks are floating in limbo and highly depend on the "spiders" to "crawl" the site that your backlink is on, and that is highly dependent on the traffic the site gets (and finding out how to get to these is also another challenge we face).

In terms of percentage, around 15% of all your backlinks will be indexed and that's what your site will be ranked on. Only 15% of what you invest will count.

PLUS, if you try and get ALL of those backlinks indexed at once, you're highly prone to lose out on more than just a couple of spots in the Google standings.

The Fix

High PR Authority Sites RSS Feeds for your backlinks.

RSS Feeds from High PR Sites give your backlinks the necessary crawled pages Google's spiders trust the most, and create the right type of backlinks for your backlinks, effectively passing down the PR power onto your Main Site.

(*Note: I know this to be true because we've lately been working on how to make a brand new site, a PR4 in under a month with excellent results -imagine the possibilites- )

The above has ALL the elements that your SEO strategy should follow. But it takes time, manpower and money to get the second half of the equation done...

To Recap

Get QUALITY Backlinks to your Main Site, then create HIGH PR Backlinks for those backlinks. That's how you make the stable, quick and high ranking spots.

Chris Munch is providing us with the best (and cheapest) solution for the second half of the formula. Bottom line:

• Index up to 95% of your backlinks (from high PR authority sites) • Drip feed them as needed (make them look natural) • Manage which backlinks (with Downloadable Reports) have made it into the index, so you can focus and keep track of what your sites need

As a Result:

• Your (and/or your Clients') Sites' Rankings will Improve • Your Traffic will Improve • Your Income will Improve

The most amazing feature is the Management Board, where you can filter which backlinks need more work, and which have been taken into account to get your site to where it is. Knowing what works will inevitably make you more money by the a = b = c principle

And this incredible web-based software (no tech-savvy required, demo video at the bottom) does an excellent job.

This software can be turned into a full fledged business on its own (developers license highly recommended to profit the most), by being the provider of an evergreen, always in-demand service. Chris explains it best in his Sales Copy, but suffice to say, this web-based application is of unsurmountable value for those of us who are in the IM business.

Awesome work Chris, and thanks for building this for us. Alex

"LinkClaw Stands Out Due To Its Focus On Traffic, Not Links, And Quality Over Quantity."

And Here's A Few More Words From Current LinkClaw Owners:

This is wicked sweeeeeet.

I didn't want to come on here and give my $0.02 until I had a chance to play with this...and I thought the other piece of software I discovered earlier did a good job building back links to my back links and it does do a good job, but this DOES a GREAT JOB!

Well done Chris you're def an outside the box thinker!

Way to go man! Anthony Aires

I've used it for about a month and was doing something like that by hand... which basically means I was doing it only 5% of the time..... yeahhhh....

and I hate loging in copy and pasting...

so I duped 40k link form a scrapebox run in there and granted at the begginnning (not because of this list) it was stuck. but Ken at support was super helpful and interested. They even increased the memory size so I could upload this big ass list.

I think it's a great tool, and is a steal for the price. Yves Baggi

Chris I have to tell you Gustav and I looked at this product with a very skeptical view. We were even going to tell our friends not to get it. All hype and no substance, we thought.

But boy were we wrong. Having assessed this software now, I can honestly say it's awesome. We're going to be using it ourselves for sure, and new tools don't easily find their way into our SEO process!

Our SEO experiments have been showing more and more the emphasis Google is placing on buidling authority to backlinks. And your software just made that all possible in a tiny fraction of the time it would normally take.

It's a bargain. Period. That's an honest review, and I don't make these comments lightly!

John Pearce

I've been testing out LinkClaw and it really is a great tool on two levels.

First, for managing backlinks on the websites I run it's great for knowing which are do-follow, no-follow, valid or invalid, etc.

Plus I can generate an RSS feed of the good links that I can get bookmarked for more SEO juice, which is awesome.

But on another level, I love this because I do offline consulting and I can use this as a value added service for my clients. I can provide them with backlink management, a report on their backlinks and I can boost their seo.

So far, I'm really happy with LinkClaw. A well put together piece of software!

Jason Z.


I just want to congratulate you in advance for one of the best offers I've seen on here. This is an awesome tool and the execution of it is brilliant! The value you've provided is "through the roof" on this. I'm very glad to be in on it. Michael D Forbes

Hi Chris,

Congrats on another super simple but very powerful SEO tool. Thanks for making this a platform independent. That was a major disappointment with many wonderful SEO plugins and happy to see this one WORKS FOR ALL WEBSITES.

Warriors, for this price this is a STEAL. If you a have a website - you NEED this. LinkClaw will DISCOVER backlinks, ANALYZE backlinks BUILD backlinks and BOOST your Rankings.

Have a wonderful day!

Mervik Haums

Have been waiting all day to get my hands on this. shanekel

This rocks (hands down).

The back end of this tool is very robust, fast and accurate. Blazer2007


I don't know how you do it! Everything you come out with is genius, filled with value, and just plain cool. Congratulations on another awesome product!

The link tracking via campaigns is awesome and the RSS feed that you can automatically syndicate out is way cool for making sure all your hard backlinking work gets recognized by the search engines!

Thanks again! Joe @ wsotoolz

Hi fantastic product by the way. I encourage anyone to buy this product, it delivers on what it says. Morris Murphy

I want to say thank you for this, I purchased something 'similar months ago, only for wordpress, involved editing footer.php files and creating MYSQL databases & all that stuff.

This LinkClaw rocks, looks like I'll be up late tonight adding sites, I can see the real value of this, awesome and for a one off fee - even better. This simply will pay for itself in added adsense/sales/commissions.

Love the RSS and reporting functions - plus it does not run on OUR servers so no emails from the server people complaining our we are taking our fair share of resources !!

Anyone into linkbuilding and getting their sites ranked gotta get this, you could pay someone $1000s thru the course of the year to do this manually.

Thanks guys. Stephencc

If you have never tried building "backlinks to your backlinks," you are going to be shocked by the results, both in terms of indexing and in ranking.

I use another product that does this, but it requires building multiple blogs, scraping content, and lots of setup and maintenance.

LinkClaw is simple, quick and easy.

As for how it compares to other similar products, why choose? If you have other products that do something similar, just add this to your arsenal. That's certainly what I'm doing. Link diversity is an important principle in SEO, and this goes for the backlinks to your backlinks as well.

Thanks for this great product, Chris. Jeff Hampton

Another great product from Chris Munch; Chris you just solved another time consuming issue with automation! Thanks! RA Golko

LinkClaw has always focused on Chris Munch's Unique WhiteHat Method of using “Automated Traffic Reward Channels” to increase your traffic in 5 ways...

1. Monitor and provide vital intelligence on your backlinks to give your backlink profile more potency than your forgive-ably clueless competition...
2. Grow your traffic through automated, value based social media channels so you're working less to achieve greater results than before...
3. Incentivize other sites to link to you, so you automatically attract higher quality backlinks that provide bigger boosts in rank-ability...
4. Drastically increase the indexing rate and authority of your backlinks with 2nd tier social links, ensuring an unparalleled rate of pound-for-pound growth...
5. And in turn increase your rankings AND the rankings of sites that link to you, to bring you even more highly targeted referral traffic...

Again, if any of this sounds at all complicated, just remember, the theory isn't so important and you don't need to be a Tech Whiz to enjoy the benefits...

… it's all automated!

PLUS you'll be provided full training on setting up your Traffic Reward Channels.


#1 – LinkClaw Total Backlink Intelligence & Discovery

LinkClaw can take your uploaded backlink list, or alternatively search for your backlinks automatically with it's one-click link-discover tool, and monitor whether FOLLOW or NOFOLLOW, Valid or Invalid so you know exactly where your link building campaigns are paying off, and whether link partners have provided you with quality links or not.

You can use this feature to monitor your links over time and keep natural 'link atrophy' in check so you don't some day find your ranks dropping unexpectedly.

Altogether this provides an extreme edge over your competition who likely aren't monitoring their links and link quality, meaning they're shooting in the dark and potentially still dealing in low quality links without their knowledge.

This provides a great sense of confidence in your business growth, with the ability to hold link partners accountable and get more from any link building campaign.

#2 – LinkClaw Proprietary RSS Technology

LinkClaw's Proprietary RSS Technology takes your backlinks and automatically creates an RSS Feed for them, specifically designed to be syndicated anywhere on the web so there's no end to how far your audience can be spread and grown.

Use this RSS Feed and plug it in to your Traffic Reward Channels to have the entire Channel run on autopilot, shuttling your links out to major high authority social sites, bringing in large doses of social authority and more traffic... which in turn helps you rank better.

This adds up to hundreds of hours saved and more rapid results from your ranking efforts and link building campaigns.

#3 – LinkClaw Training: Automated Traffic Reward Channels

This training will let you unlock the full power of LinkClaw by showing you how to set up your Automated Traffic Reward Channels.

With your Traffic Reward Channel in place you create a one-stop destination for your niche audience to see interesting content from your niche, and where “The Conversation” about your content is happening across the web, allowing them to follow, keep up, discuss and contribute.

Without you having to lift a finger, this expands your site's social presence and brand awareness, which are powerful ranking factors and bring in more referral traffic too.

Every site that links to you will benefit from your Channel's Social Authority, helping them rank higher and bring in more traffic, which is fed back into your site!

This upward traffic authority continues to build and incentivizes other authority sites to link to get involved and link to you more often... meaning even better rankings, better rewards and ultimately more targeted search traffic for you...

… All On Complete Autopilot!

#4 – Continued Free Updates For Life

No matter which license you choose on this page today, you'll be provided with Free Regular Updates to improve the functionality and effectiveness of the software.

Any new functions, features and improvements will be provided to you automatically and at no additional cost to you.

You'll always be running the most advanced version of LinkClaw, to enjoy the biggest benefits it has to offer and every cutting edge advantage it holds over the competition.

#5 – Unlimited Support For Life

A major part of LinkClaw's design was to make things easy on you, so with just a couple of minutes, you can have LinkClaw installed and functioning flawlessly with your website...

Complete and thorough instruction and support is also offered, so from Installation to Application... The LinkClaw Support Team Has Your Back!

If you happen to run into trouble installing the software, or you need a little extra guidance using the software beyond the detailed step-by-step instructions provided alongside the software...

So no matter what, you can rest assured LinkClaw will do for you what it says 'on the tin' and you'll start enjoying the benefits ASAP.

#6 – Any Platform Functionality

Whether you're using:
  • WordPress...
  • Joomla...
  • Drupal...
  • OSCommerce...
  • phpBB...
  • Microsoft NET...
  • HTML...
  • And Many More...

LinkClaw has been designed to work seamlessly with any publishing platform and any website setup so you have total flexibility with how you use LinkClaw and aren't restricted to any one platform.

If you run into any problems at all, simply get in touch with the LinkClaw Support Team and they'll see you through.

LinkClaw also works whether you're using Mac, Linux or Windows as you simply log into The LinkClaw Site to get everything rolling.

#7 – Finally Put An End To “The Google Game”

By using LinkClaw and your Traffic Reward Channels to focus on generating traffic and providing value to your visitors and niche authorities, you break free from the constant struggle that is “pleasing Google”.

That means no more looking over your shoulder to ensure Google's not about to bite you in the proverbial behind... and it means Google starts following along with you, providing you with traffic, because it wants something YOU have... quality, content and community.

This is your complete method to generating traffic without fear, without stress and without finger-breaking effort.

All that's required for you to profit now is your focus and dedication.


Every successful site owner reaping the rewards of their effort knows... No ONE tool or method will solve all your traffic problems and flood your site with endless traffic.

This is the unscrupulous hype you're so often forced to hear, yet know not to be true.

If you instinctively know the tried and true road to fast results is working the minimal amount of time possible, for the maximum results, and quickly mastering and systematizing a single method, before moving onto the next... Then you're in the right place and LinkClaw will make a great and valuable addition to your arsenal.


… you expect push button magic and aren't prepared to work...

… you don't recognize that adding value is the key to long term traffic and profits...

… you aren't dedicated to putting energy into your business and expect results anyway...

… then please don't buy this software.

LinkClaw is designed to provide a greater level of automation to a fundamental area of online business, allowing you to work less and achieve more.

Used properly, it will bring fantastic results.

Used improperly, it won't.

The success of any legitimate tool or method you invest in is directly proportional to the level of your dedication, so please ensure you're buying for the right reasons.

And if you are... then look forward to a whole new stream of automated traffic and social authority coming your way!


Due to the fact LinkClaw operates on its own independent servers and has a full-time development team running it, there are substantial ongoing running costs to keep the service running for you flawlessly.

LinkClaw Also Does The Job Of Several Other Online Services...
… While Nothing Quite Does What LinkClaw Does!
To Get Closest, You Would Need To Invest In A Number Of Services Costing:


~$150 Per Month

(using best competing prices found)
Depending On The License, A Monthly LinkClaw Subscription Would Usually Cost:


$27 To $47 Per Month

(a substantially lower investment at around 70% less)
Including The Unlimited Support...

VALUE: $ You Decide

Including The Lifetime Updates...

VALUE: $ You Decide

Including The Ground-Breaking “Traffic Reward Channels” Training...

VALUE: $ You Decide


You're Able To Bring The Traffic-Pulling Power Of LinkClaw Into Your Business For A Reduced One-Time Payment


“Meaning A 97% DISCOUNT Over The Closest Competitors In The First Year Alone!”

Use On 100 Domains
Monitor Up To 100,000 Backlinks
RSS Feed For Up To 100,000 Backlinks

PLUS Commercial License:
“Use On Client Sites Or Sites You Sell”
Use On 25 Domains
Monitor Up To 25,000 Backlinks
RSS Feed For Up To 25,000 Backlinks
Use On 1 Domain Only
Monitor Up To 1,000 Backlinks
RSS Feed For Up To 1,000 Backlinks



"From Installation To Application – You'll Be Well Looked After"


Use On 100 Domains
Monitor Up To 100,000 Backlinks
RSS Feed For Up To 100,000 Backlinks

PLUS Commercial License:
“Use On Client Sites Or Sites You Sell”
Use On 25 Domains
Monitor Up To 25,000 Backlinks
RSS Feed For Up To 25,000 Backlinks
Use On 1 Domain Only
Monitor Up To 1,000 Backlinks
RSS Feed For Up To 1,000 Backlinks


If you can take a moment to imagine the next 365 days of your life...

… where do you see yourself?

For many, they'll be almost exactly where they are right this moment.

How long have you been working towards your profit goals?

If you aren't making a profit now...

… How much longer are you willing to wait without seeing any measurable profits?
… How many more “opportunities” are you willing to 'try out' and be disappointed by?

… Would you rather wait for another year to pass, or buckle down and MAKE a Proven, Automated and Evergreen Method work for you TODAY?


And if you are making a consistent $100/day or more...

… Do you want to take your traffic and profit to the next level?

… Do you want to maximize your results while minimizing the time you have to work?

… Are you willing to pass up one of the best value deals you'll see this year?


If what you've seen, read and heard on this page makes sense and feels right to you, the best choice you can make is to dive in and dedicate yourself to making this awesome method work for you.

Chris Munch & The LinkClaw Team are equally dedicated to helping you succeed and live the life you want to, helping you provide for you family and lifestyle through intelligent and efficient online business.

Hit The Buy Button Below For Your Chosen License And Get Started Today...

Thanks – And All The Very Best,
Chris Munch & The LinkClaw Team
Use On 100 Domains
Monitor Up To 100,000 Backlinks
RSS Feed For Up To 100,000 Backlinks

PLUS Commercial License:
“Use On Client Sites Or Sites You Sell”
Use On 25 Domains
Monitor Up To 25,000 Backlinks
RSS Feed For Up To 25,000 Backlinks
Use On 1 Domain Only
Monitor Up To 1,000 Backlinks
RSS Feed For Up To 1,000 Backlinks

P.S. It's decidedly risky to rely on SEO alone to generate traffic in today's value and community focused online environment.

For Many, the adaptation to this new way of drawing in traffic and doing business online will require an almost inhuman amount of time, effort and attention-to-detail...

For You, you're able to adapt and thrive in this new environment with LinkClaw.

Investing today means you're securing the best discount possible, and a LIFETIME license for a cutting edge software and traffic method that will continue to forge one profitable website after another for years to come.

This is based on years of experience, a dedication to ethics and WhiteHat methods, as well as providing value WITHOUT demanding an ongoing time commitment from you.

So the only commitment you're left to make in this present moment, is whether or not you want this method working in your business on autopilot, or not.

Once it's set up... the benefits come to you automatically.

Big Traffic + More Profit + More Time Saved + A Great Deal.

If you're on board with that, hit the buy button for your chosen license below...

P.P.S. Contrary to what you may sometimes hear, backlinking still works - if done correctly - and in the opinion of SEO Veterans, should be part of a strong ranking and traffic strategy.

However, most backlink building is doomed to failure, because very few backlinks ever get indexed.

On top of this, many of the backlinks people buy turn out to be from scam artists selling NOFOLLOW duds, or whose promised links never get posted, or are spammy and therefore highly risky.

As a result, most backlinking turns out to be a complete waste of time and money, and potentially runs the risk of Google penalties.

What's worse, this can often become apparent ONLY after weeks of work and significant financial investment!

LinkClaw puts the power back into your hands.

LinkClaw enables you to monitor and safeguard your backlink campaigns, so you can tell exactly what's happening with each of your links.

LinkClaw then goes much further, by creating a special RSS Feed that safely syndicates your backlinks to several high profile authority sites, ON AUTOPILOT...

The resulting SEO and traffic boost is a huge improvement to normal backlinking efforts, and it's a powerful tool to have in your arsenal, whether you're an online marketer, offline consultant or both.

  • Are you willing to keep your business exposed to low quality links and dishonest link partners?
  • How much time are you willing to waste when a faster, more economic automated software solution exists?
  • And as Google cracks down on 'tricks' day by day... how much longer are you going to wait before adopting a new WhiteHat advantage that will bring profitable results for years to come?

… or are you simply waiting for the price to rise?

If This Automated, White Hat Direction Feels Right To You...

Hit The Buy Button Now For Your Chosen License Below...

Use On 100 Domains
Monitor Up To 100,000 Backlinks
RSS Feed For Up To 100,000 Backlinks

PLUS Commercial License:
“Use On Client Sites Or Sites You Sell”
Use On 25 Domains
Monitor Up To 25,000 Backlinks
RSS Feed For Up To 25,000 Backlinks
Use On 1 Domain Only
Monitor Up To 1,000 Backlinks
RSS Feed For Up To 1,000 Backlinks